“If you know Jaquana and Anthony, you know they share a love for traveling. They have taken many trips together over the years, and this cruise to the Bahamas seemed like their usual turnaround trip: just doing something they love together.

Unbeknownst to Jaquana, Anthony had way more in mind.

After much planning and advice, Anthony developed the perfect way to propose to Jaquana in Bimini.

 As always, they had a great time eating, dancing, drinking, and laughing like there’s no tomorrow. Once the ship docked in Bimini, Anthony was sweating bullets and Jaquana just thought it was hot outside, and that she was going to have a relaxing day on the beach.

However, Jaquana soon realized the day had much more in store.

As Jaquana was getting her photo shoot on the beach, their cabana was being decorated for the proposal just a few feet away. After their photo shoot ended and they walked back to the cabana, Jaquana commented on the decorations, believing the proposal was for someone else.

She was filled with joy when she realized it was her and Anthony’s cabana and that this was not
just a regular trip. Anthony led her down the candle lit, rose petal path, got down on one knee, and asked Jaquana, “Will you marry me?” She excitedly and lovingly responded “Yes!” with tears of joy filling her eyes.

Their family and friends greeted them on FaceTime, sharing their excitement and congratulating the future Satterwhites.”

Written by our dearest friend, Brittany King